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In game rules:
  • Never Cheat, scam or use any type of hack tool that would give you extra advantages than others.
  • Don't be toxic, flame other players or use swear in the global chat.
  • Don't abuse a bug, instead, report them to us.
  • Don't troll, or make someone's else gameplay boring or not enjoyable.
  • Listen to the server admin, if they are telling you something to do, please do it, it will be for your own benefit.
  • Don't be rude towards Admins or Newbies.
  • Don't forget to Enjoy, it's a game after all.
  • Don't Advertise about other servers.

Forum rules:
  • Use English only while making a post/topic.
  • Don't make useless topics.
  • Don't use any sort of abusive language.
  • Don't post something that has already been posted.
  • Don't Advertise about other servers.
  • Don't flame or insult anyone.
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