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Ains Sama

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Your Steam Name:Ains Sama
Your Steam 64 ID:76561197988497853
Your Age:29
Your Gender:Male
How many hours you have played on the server?:Not Sure but total played is 989hrs
Have you ever been warned/punished?(Yes/No):No
Have you ever been a staff in any other server? No If Yes, then name the server:

Tell us something about yourself, and why do you want to be a staff member?: Hi, I'm Ains Sama, I'm a director for company digitalpadu sdn bhd, Check out our website at I want to be a staff to gain knowledge about managing and moderate Rust Server. To be honest i'm planning host my own server around Jun or July since i have one unused server back at the office. 

I agree not to abuse any of the powers/access I will be given.(Yes/No): Yes
I agree not to break any rules of this server.(Yes/No):Yes
I agree to help and guide the newbies and answer to all the players who need my help.(Yes/No): Yes
I agree not to read whatever is written above and I am just putting Yes for everything.(Yes/No):No
I agree to be a loyal player throughout my duty as a staff member.(Yes/No):Yes


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