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You can find all the information about how to vote, and what does voting rewards.
Voting for the server has different types of rewards depending on how many times you voted for the server, such as if you voted once, you get the access to the voting kit. There are many more benefits in voting such as temporarily VIP access, etc..

'How can I vote'?
Simply use '/vote' In-Game to check the respective websites on which you can cast your vote. You can also get the websites links from the homepage of the forum, scroll down a bit, you will see a block named as "Voting" on the Left side.

On the website, simply click 'Vote' Or 'Vote via Steam' and then click 'Login with Steam' (DON'T WORRY, YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT IS FULLY SECURED. Check for the "https://" in the URLs) Complete the voting process and get In-game.

Now, as you are In-game and have voted for all the three websites, you can use "/claim" command In-game to collect your rewards.

What are the Voting Rewards?
Voting has many rewards, To know the active rewards use "/reward list" command In-Game.

Some rewards are as follow:

* Getting a sum of money
* Getting Temporarily VIP Rank
* Getting a sum of scrap
* Getting Supply Signals
* Getting Large Xmas presents.

- If you got any questions, feel free to ask it on this topic.
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