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Server Info: SEA

Server Name: Rapier Isle x5 (PVP/KIT/Loot+/Shop/Ranks)
Server IP:
Server Peek: 36
Players: /


Now, You can earn rewards while supporting the server, Don't forget to vote for the server daily.
Voting gives you awesome rewards in the game.

Servers that gives rewards upon voting:

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  • stats Total Members: 288
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January 10, 2019, 09:46:25 AM by Blizz | Views: 1458 | Comments: 0

Recent Updates!

- Aer Promoted To Mod. (Blizz)

- Fixed Wipe Info. (Blizz)
- Cleared Voting Rewards. (Blizz)
- Fixed Gather Rewards Bug. (Blizz)
- Updated Ranks and Donations. (Blizz)
- Updated Forms. (Blizz)

- Added Economy. (Blizz)
- Added Gather Rewards, now you can earn money by breaking barrels, killing animals or mining ores. (Blizz)
- Added Shop (Use /shop In-Game.)
December 06, 2018, 07:10:26 PM by Blizz | Views: 1646 | Comments: 0

In game rules:
  • Never Cheat, scam or use any type of hack tool that would give you extra advantages than others.
  • Don't be toxic, flame other players or use swear in the global chat.
  • Don't abuse a bug, instead, report them to us.
  • Don't troll, or make someone's else gameplay boring or not enjoyable.
  • Listen to the server admin, if they are telling you something to do, please do it, it will be for your own benefit.
  • Don't be rude towards Admins or Newbies.
  • Don't forget to Enjoy, it's a game after all.
  • Don't Advertise about other servers.

Forum rules:
  • Use English only while making a post/topic.
  • Don't make useless topics.
  • Don't use any sort of abusive language.
  • Don't post something that has already been posted.
  • Don't Advertise about other servers.
  • Don't flame or insult anyone.
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